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Decorative and modern granite staircases

Escaleras de granito Azul Noche flameado.- Estación Central de Utrecht (NL)


Granite stairs are an aesthetically pleasing and resistant decorative element. As we have already mentioned in other blog articles, granite is a natural stone that has excellent qualities for its use in construction due to its high resistance, long durability, and easy maintenance. But, it is also a very versatile material that offers varied and elegant decorative possibilities.

Stairs have always played an important role in construction. On one hand, the functionality to communicate areas at different heights, but also, as a decorative and ornamental element, gives rise to increasingly original and modern decorative forms, which can be combined or contrasted with other construction elements such as walls or floors.

Advantages of using granite on stairs

If you are looking for a material that is always on trend and never goes out of fashion for stairs construction or cladding, then granite is your best choice. From classic and elegant designs to different styles adapted to the latest trends, the environment, or the constructive characteristics where it is located.

Granite staircases come in a wide variety of shapes, adaptable to any design you propose. From straight to curved staircases, including spiral ones. All of them with different finishes and shapes, depending on whether we are looking for a traditional, minimalist, modern, or sophisticated style. 

Escaleras de granito Azul Noche pulido. Edificio de oficinas.

Azul Noche polished granite stairs. Office building.

Besides, you can also choose between different granite textures. Each of them brings a unique and personalized beauty.

Another decorative element that can be played with is the handrail. If the stairs are supported by banisters and handrails, the weight is divided and the centimetres of the steps can be smaller. However, if the stairs only consist of steps, they should have more centimetres.  

Granite stairs for outdoors and indoors

Due to its resistance and water insulation, granite is the preferred choice for outdoor stairs. Usually, the granite finishes chosen for outdoor stairs are flamed or shot-blasting, with some roughness to avoid slipping.

However, granite is increasingly used in architecture and has a growing presence in interior decoration.

Escaleras de granito Azul Noche flameado.- Estación Central de Utrecht (NL)

Azul Noche flamed granite stairs. Utrecht Central Station (NL)

Thanks to the wide chromatic variety of granites in our catalogue, you will achieve the personality and the essence you want to give to your project. Whatever your construction needs are, you will be able to create modern and contemporary granite staircases in any design.

Its easy maintenance and long durability make granite a safe and long-lasting bet over time.