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Granite, elegance and durability in outdoor paving

Granite, elegance and durability in outdoor paving


The resistance, elegance, and durability of granite make it a perfect material for all types of exterior paving.

From an aesthetic point of view, granite is also a very versatile natural stone that allows the creation of the most diverse decorative styles.

Recommended granite finishes for exterior surfaces

When choosing which type of granite is the most suitable for exterior cladding, it is important to pay attention to the finishes. In addition to durability, it is essential that the surface is non-slip and resistant to the weather condition, such as sun, rain or low temperatures.

One of the most popular finishes for this type of surfaces is the flamed finish, which gives the surface a rough appearance without altering its colour. This type of finish is easy to maintain and prevents slipping in rain or humidity.

Other finishing options that perform excellently outdoors are sawn and bush-hammered. With the former, a flat surface with a certain roughness and fine texture is achieved. In bush-hammered, the treated surface presents small “craters” or irregularities 1 to 3 millimetres deep to achieve a rough appearance.

Wide range of colours to create warm and luminous atmospheres

In addition to the type of finish, the origin and colour of the granite are characteristics that also influence the durability and resistance of exterior surfaces.

Dark tones such as Azul Noche or Azul Plata offer excellent qualities of impermeability and resistance outdoors, as well as high anti-slip protection.

However, by applying the most suitable finish for each space, we can create all kinds of atmospheres in white, grey, cream, pink, green or black colours.

In our catalogue you will find the perfect inspiration for every atmosphere.