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Granite solutions for greater energy efficiency

Granite facade cladding


We are aware of the importance of constructing buildings that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Did you know that granite is considered one of the most efficient natural cladding materials in any architectural project? This natural stone has lots of advantages for sustainable construction. Read on to find out more in this article!

Among other qualities, granite has excellent thermal and humidity insulation properties, maintaining interior temperature, improving comfort and reducing energy consumption, especially when used outdoors as façade cladding.

Use of the granite in façade cladding

Granite is used in numerous construction projects. The façade cladding must guarantee three fundamental aspects:

  1. The maximum comfort of people.
  2. Resistance of the building to climate changes
  3. Energy saving

The insulation offered by granite in construction guarantees greater comfort inside the home and a saving in energy consumption, i.e., a reduction in heating and air conditioning costs. In addition, a building with a weather-resistant façade is much more durable and stable over time.

From a decorative point of view, granite offers outstanding performance when it comes to creating a customized façade. This material has a very wide chromatic diversity and countless options for adapting to different shapes and to other materials

Furthermore, far from being an old-fashioned building material, as a decorative resource granite can give a building a modern, sophisticated image that is excellently suited to the urban environment.

Projects in granite façades cladding

One of the most outstanding projects in the application of granite in façades is this building located in St. James Square, in the City of Westminster.

Fachada de granito en Edificio en St. James Square, Ciudad de Westminster

St. James Square building, City of Westminster

Granite plays a decisive role in the exterior of this residential and commercial building due to the excellent technical performance, described above, and its serene beauty that remains unchanged over time.

Fachada de granito en un complejo privado en Moscú

Façade in private complex in Moscow

It is also a material that gives an excellent response to today’s building requirements, both in terms of energetic efficiency and the avant-garde touch it brings to urban constructions and its easy combination with other materials, as you can see in this private complex in the city of Moscow.

Fachada de granito de los Edificios de la Xunta en Vigo

Xunta de Galicia office building in the City of Vigo

In the case of public buildings, such as this one of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, its low maintenance cost and the luminosity it brings to the façade are two of the numerous reasons why granite is the material of choice  in this type of constructions

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