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Our stones catalogue. More than 20 granites

Catálogo granitos Grupimar


Beyond the traditional whites and greys, our granites catalogue presents a rich and wide variety of colours, offering infinite possibilities of applications, both indoor and in the most demanding outdoor spaces. And all of them with multiple finishes: polished, leathered, honed, bush-hammered, flamed, sawn, shot-blasting or water jet.

Sourced from our granite quarries along Spain, Portugal and Venezuela, our granites catalogue is a chromatic journey from the purity of whites and greys to the elegance and intensity of blues and blacks.

  • Grey granites: Always timeless and with the perfect harmony between classic and avant-garde. Gris Perla and Gris Cadalso granites are two of the most demanded options for exteriors, enhancing all architectural elements.
  • Pink granites: With soft and natural tones, the native granite Rosa Porriño, from our quarry in Galicia, and Rosa Villar, from our quarry in Badajoz, creates very peaceful atmospheres in any of their indoor and outdoor applications.
  • White and cream granites: Our Blanco Cristal, Oro Cristal and Crema Julia granites are the favourite options for creating luminous atmospheres where the aim is to generate spaciousness. Also, they allow an easy combination with other colour varieties.
  • Blue granites: In this range we can find one of the most demanded granite due to the exclusivity of this material: Azul Noche granite. This chromatic variety is completed by Azul Plata, Azul Platino, and Negro Tezal, which provide different sparkles in blue, black and silver tones, bringing shine and elegance to any decorative element.
  • Golden and Red granites: Shades that evoke the earth and bring warmth to any ambiance. From the luxurious Aruba Gold with its elegant golden veins, to the vibrant and energetic Rojo Caribe and Multicolor Bolívar without forgetting the versatility of our Gran Paradiso. All of them are from our quarries in Venezuela.

All these materials are complete with other varieties: green, yellow, black and multicoloured. You can discover all the features in our granite catalogue on the web.

Granites from our own quarries

Since Marcelino Group started the extraction of Rosa Porriño granite in Porriño (Galicia) in the 60s, and with the incorporation of new diamond cutting techniques in the 70s, we have added new quarries that provide us with the current range of our own granites.

So, having this complete variety of stones allows us to enjoy a luxury of aesthetic possibilities. A differential value, to which we add that most of our granites come from our own quarries, which allows us to offer competitive advantages in any construction project.

  • Cost savings. Both in the cost of the raw material (as we do not have to buy the granite from other quarries), and in the cost of transporting this granite from the quarries to the production plants.
  • Tight delivery times. Having our own quarries allows us to ensure the supply of the stone and its quick delivery, guaranteeing that even works that require a lot of granite, can have this material with total peace of mind.

We invite you to discover the careful selection of our granite catalogue. Visit our website or contact us for more information.