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Reasons why granite is the best choice for your building project

Reasons why granite is the best choice for your building project


Appreciated by designers, architects and constructors, granite is a natural stone widely used in all kinds of construction projects both in interiors (bathrooms, countertops, kitchens, livingrooms…) and outdoors (facades, paving, swimming pools, public squares…). In this article we tell you why granite is still the best choice for your project.

Resistance and durability

Granite is one of the most heat and moisture resistant materials. Alos, thanks to its hardness, it does not scratch easily and remains unalterable for decades. This durability and resistance features makes granit the favourite option of the consumers for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Granite is a natural stone that provides very effective thermal insulation, both against cold and to prevent overheating, which leads to an increased energy savings. Further,  it offers better performance in the event of sudden changes in temperature, preventing the appearance of dampness. One the other hand it also helps to insulate the home from outside noises.

Natural y sustainable

Granite is a natural material with a different formation process than other materials. There are no pieces exactly alike and that makes it unique.

Furthermore, this stone offers a longer life cycle. For its transformation it uses less energy than other materials and does not need chemicals. The result is a more natural product.

At Marcelino group we have a very strong commitment with the environment. Every rubble generated in the production of granite blocks are recycled and transformed into sandstone of different grain size. Later on these sandstones are supplied to concrete plants, terrazo factories, construction materials warehouses, etc., for their use.

Beauty and multiple finishes

Every granite piece has its own unique beauty and elegance. Surface finishes provide a wide aesthetic variety and decorative uses, creating sophisticated and stylish designs.

In our catalogue you will find a great granite range with multiple colors, textures and finishes coming from our quarries in Spain, Portugal and Venezuela. From classic tones like black, grey or white, to vibrating blue and green, going through warm earth red and yellow colours. Also you will find different textures: polished granite, aged, sawn, bush-hammered, etc. Whatever you need for your decoration we have the best option for you

A profitable investment

Thanks to its versatility, investing in granite is always a very profitable option. Granite tiles can be adapted to all type of formats, adapting to the construction requirements of each type of project. In addition, they are quick and easy to install.

Choosing granite is betting on quality and profitability. Like a work of art, granite gives elegance and sophistication that is hard to equal for other materials. Those who have tried it say that it is the best investment and that any construction is revalued.

A timeless and avant-garde material

Granite never goes out of fashion. Choosing granite for your construction is choosing a material that will keep its incredibles characteristics for a long time. Plus, new surface finishes allow granite to be adapted into contemporary designs.

Do you need more reasons to convince yourself that granite is your best choice? Write us or call us! We will help and support you in the entire construction project!