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Types of granites for facades

Types of granites for facades


When we think about the types of granite for facades, what we really have to focus on is in the type of finish.

A well-designed facade is the letter of introduction of what we will find inside. Granite in facades, revalues the property in the market.


Types of granite finishes for facades

The recommended types of granite finishes for facades are:

  • Flamed granite: This is achieved with a blowtorch, applying 2800 °C on the surface of the stone, which produces a few chips and gives the surface a rough and crystalline appearance, as well as providing it with more resistance.
  • Shot-blasted granite: To achieve this result, metallic particles are projected which erode the stone, resulting in a rough, non-slip surface with a more natural appearance.
  • Bush-hammered granite: By carving the stone, that is, by hitting it with a hammer that generates craters in the stone between 1 and 3 mm deep, we achieve the rough appearance of this type of granite finish.

Another recommendation to take into account is that the thickness of the granite cladding should be greater than 3 cm.


Azul Noche Granite Facade. London – U.K.

Azul Noche Granite Facade. London – U.K.


Advantages of granite in facades

We know about the advantages of granite, its resistance, low porosity and its ability to withstand inclement weather, but granite is also the most abundant and resistant natural stone on the market.

Other advantages offered by the use of granite in facades are:

  • Personalization and personality: Your facade can become a quality decorative element without taking up much space, giving it elegance and architectural value.
  • Cost-benefit ratio: OK, the price of granite is slightly higher than other materials (really, just a little) but, considering that its maintenance is minimal and its durability infinite, it is more than worth it. Besides, you can always reuse it.
  • Revaluation: Did you know that granite increases the value of your home? Natural stone cladding increases the value of the property: luxury and quality stand out, but also its energy efficiency, resistance and durability: so, granite is sustainable.
  • Variety: We can find multiple colours of granite, this depends on the concentration of quartz, mica and feldspar present in the stone. But no natural stone is the same as any other, so your choice of granite will always be unique and original.
Blanco Cristal Granite Facade.

Blanco Cristal Granite Facade


  • Any granite can be used for facades, but not just any finish.
  • Granite is resistant to erosion and weathering, for a very low maintenance cost.
  • Granite adapts to any decorative style and never goes out of fashion.
  • In both very hot and very cold climates, granite is a thermal insulator, so if you are considering using granite for facades, you are betting on energy savings.