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What are the different uses of granite?


The different ways in how granite can be used

Many civilizations throughout history, due to its beauty and abundance, have used granite for their constructions, such as columns, doors, vases, statues, and more granite works. Moving on from the past, in this blog, we will talk about the main uses of granite in the present. Nowadays, with the equipment we have at our disposal, its aesthetic characteristics, and its hardness and resistance, working with granite is very common.

One of the most important uses of granite is in architecture. Its low cost, its properties, and its appearance have made it the choice of many architects and artists. It is used for many works, from monuments to large constructions (such as water reservoirs), bridges, and pavements. A further use of granite is for indoor applications. Its durability and elegance are why it is one of the most popular materials for decorating homes and buildings. In this context, its applications are diverse, although we could say that it is the lord and master of bathrooms and kitchens.

The granite also has its role in funerary art. As we have already said, granite is a resistant and elegant material. Both these characteristics, added to the fact that granite is very resistant to acid rain, make it the perfect choice for elaborating tombstones, mausoleums, altars, etc.

To conclude, we will mention its relevance in the pulp and paper industry and how it is used in the field of aggregates. On the one hand, granite is the input material used to manufacture the paper pulp rolls used for grinding and draining water from the paper pulp. On the other hand, granite is also crushed to produce material for concrete, mortar, roads, rock fill, and railway gravel, among others.


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