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19 December, 2023 by Grupimar 0 Comments

Azul Noche Granite in Commercial Spaces: Elegance and Durability

In the dynamic realm of commercial space design, both interior and exterior, material selection plays a crucial role for developers, builders, and architects. Beyond mere quality, the ambiance one aims to create is a key consideration. In this context, Azul Noche granite has gained increasing popularity among professionals in the building industry, primarily sought after for its style and distinction.

But what motivates this choice?

This article explores the reasons behind the preference for Azul Noche granite, examining its applications in various commercial settings. Additionally, it addresses frequently asked questions for those interested in incorporating this exclusive granite into their projects.

Why Azul Noche Granite Stands Out in Commercial Spaces?

Style and Distinction


Extracted from our quarry in Ávila, Azul Noche granite stands out for its dark gray, almost black tone in its polished version, showcasing blueish megacrystals that provide unparalleled style and distinction.

These crystals add a unique dimension to the material by reflecting surrounding light, creating a fascinating visual interplay that elevates the space’s aesthetics to a superior level.

Durability and Resistance


Azul Noche granite not only stands out for its beauty but also for its exceptional hardness and resistance, making it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor spaces in shopping centers.

In general terms, granite is positioned as the most durable stone on the market, capable of withstanding high temperatures and resistant to UV radiation, ensuring it maintains its original color over time. Its low porosity also makes it highly resistant to stains.

Investing in this granite not only adds a touch of style and distinction but also offers a lasting solution, maintaining its quality from day one.

Versatility in Design


Another aspect contributing to the growing popularity of Azul Noche granite is its versatility in design. Any finish is suitable for this granite, maintaining its sophistication in all its forms.

Its ability to adapt to various surfaces, whether in interior walls and floors, facades, or exterior floors, is remarkable.

Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of finishes, such as polished, satin, honed, flamed, shot-blasted, among others, providing endless options to customize the design according to aesthetic and functional preferences.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Azul Noche granite stands out as a construction and decoration material that requires minimal maintenance.

For cleaning, it is important to avoid the use of aggressive degreasing chemicals.

It is also advisable to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the application and finish of the material, as they provide guidelines to preserve its original appearance, keeping it as good as new.


Applications in Commercial Spaces

High-Traffic Floors


When aiming to pave commercial spaces, Azul Noche granite emerges as an attractive, elegant, and functional option. It creates a solid foundation for interior design, enhancing aesthetics and durability with every step.

Granite is also one of the most recommended materials for high-traffic areas due to its extraordinary wear resistance.

In interior environments, the polished finish stands out as the primary choice, creating a reflective surface that elevates visual quality through its incomparable mirror-like effect.

In terms of exterior paving, it is widely used in sidewalk renovations, driveways, and curbs.

High-Quality Cladding and Facades


Azul Noche granite goes beyond being just an option for flooring; it is often used as cladding for facades. This is due to its multiple advantages mentioned earlier, such as high resistance, durability, and versatility.

It is worth noting that granite also acts as an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, providing additional benefits in terms of energy efficiency and savings.

Countertops and Work Surfaces


In commercial environments, such as reception areas, information points, and customer service areas, Azul Noche granite is an extremely functional choice. Thanks to its resistance, it becomes the ideal work surface.

Furthermore, its natural charm, highlighted by blueish megacrystals, not only adds visual appeal but also captures the attention of customers, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Azul Noche Granite be Combined with Other Design Elements?


Azul Noche granite exhibits notable versatility by harmonizing perfectly with a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Its availability in various shapes and sizes facilitates its integration into different architectural designs, fostering creativity and customization in the design process.

This exquisite granite elegantly combines with other varieties of blue-toned granite as well as granites of different shades, such as Rosa Porriño, Blanco Cristal, and Gris Cadalso.

Additionally, it offers the possibility of blending harmoniously with materials such as metal, wood, concrete, among others, providing the opportunity to create a unique aesthetic.

Is it Costly to Use Azul Noche Granite in Commercial Projects?


Although Azul Noche granite may have a higher initial price compared to some other construction materials, its durability and resistance compensate for the investment.

This implies less maintenance and a longer lifespan, reducing the need to replace materials frequently.

Moreover, granite exhibits a timeless and elegant aesthetic, implying that structures built with this material do not go out of style. This characteristic can mitigate the need for frequent renovations and remodels, contributing to the reduction of resource waste.



In conclusion, choosing Azul Noche granite in the design of commercial spaces involves an investment not only in style and distinction but also in sustainable and lasting construction that will stand out in the architectural landscape over the years.

16 November, 2023 by Grupimar 0 Comments

Gris Perla y Gris Cadalso granite: versatile options for high pedestrian traffic

The world of architecture and interior design has witnessed exponential growth in the use of natural materials, where granite stands out as a favorite. Specifically, Gris Perla and Gris Cadalso granite have become preferred choices for high-traffic floors, thanks to their durability, aesthetics, and versatility. This detailed guide explores the characteristics, advantages, and applications of these two types of granite, providing a comprehensive perspective for both design professionals and those interested in renovating their spaces.

Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite are more than just choices for floors and surfaces; they represent an investment in quality and style. These granite varieties, known for their strength and natural beauty, offer a perfect finish for high-traffic areas. But what makes them unique, and how do they differ from each other? This section addresses these questions, providing in-depth knowledge about these natural stones.

Choosing the right material for floors that will withstand high pedestrian traffic is a critical decision. Floors must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also capable of withstanding daily wear and tear without compromising their integrity or appearance. Here we discuss why granite, particularly Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey varieties, are outstanding choices for such applications, ensuring a balance between functionality and design.

Understanding Gris Perla and Gris Cadalso Granite



When selecting materials for construction and design projects, it’s essential to understand the unique properties and characteristics of each option. In this section, we delve into Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite, two of the most popular choices for high-traffic floors due to their beauty and resilience.

Gris Perla and Gris Cadalso granite are types of natural granite known for their distinctive colors and patterns. Pearl Grey granite, as its name suggests, has a light grey tone with pearlescent hues, offering an elegant and bright appearance thanks to its shinier finish and more pronounced veining. On the other hand, Cadalso Grey granite presents a darker and more uniform grey tone, ideal for those seeking a more sober and contemporary style. Both types of granite are appreciated for their hardness and durability.


Advantages of Granite in High-Traffic Floors


Granite is not just a beautiful material; it’s a practical and durable solution for floors subject to intensive use. In this section, we explore why granite, specifically Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey varieties, is an excellent choice for high-traffic floors.

Durability and Resistance of Granite


Granite is known for its impressive durability. These granite varieties, in particular, are extremely resistant to wear, scratches, and pressure. Their inherent hardness makes them resistant to damage caused by constant use and abrasion, making it the ideal material for floors in areas of high pedestrian traffic, like shopping centers, transport stations, and public buildings. Additionally, its ability to withstand extreme temperature changes makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Maintenance and Cleaning: How to Care for These Floors?


One of the most significant advantages of granite is its ease of maintenance. Unlike other materials, granite does not require extensive care to maintain its appearance. Regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent is sufficient to maintain its shine and appearance, and periodically applying a sealer is recommended to protect the stone.

Aesthetics and Versatility: Adapting to Different Styles


Gris perla and gris cadalso granite are not only practical but also aesthetically versatile. These natural stones present a color and pattern palette that can complement any interior or exterior design. From a classic and elegant style to a more modern and minimalist approach, granite adapts to various stylistic preferences. Moreover, its unique texture and coloration add an element of sophistication and luxury to any space.

Granite in Specific Infrastructures


Granite is not only an aesthetic choice for high-traffic floors but also a practical solution in specific infrastructures. Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite, due to their resistance and beauty, have become preferred materials for various applications. This section explores their use in stairs, sidewalks, promenades, and interiors of key infrastructures.

Use of Granite in Stairs: Safety and Design


Stairs are a critical point in any building, not only in terms of design but also for their importance in safety. Granite, with its non-slip surface and wear resistance, is ideal for this application. Additionally, Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite offer an aesthetic finish that can complement or stand out in interior or exterior design. Their durability ensures that the stairs maintain their beauty and functionality even with intensive use.

Granite in Sidewalks and Promenades: Combining Functionality and Aesthetics


In sidewalks and promenades, where resistance to pedestrian traffic and environmental conditions are crucial, granite proves to be a superior choice. It not only withstands high traffic but also resists the elements, maintaining its color and texture over time. Pearl Grey granite, with its lighter shade, can be particularly attractive in coastal areas, while Cadalso Grey adapts well to urban environments, providing a modern and elegant look.

Importance of Granite in Interiors of Infrastructures like Hospitals and Airports


In hospitals, airports, and other key infrastructures, where hygiene and durability are essential, granite emerges as an ideal solution. Its non-porous surface prevents the accumulation of bacteria and facilitates cleaning, a vital aspect in hospitals. In airports, its ability to withstand massive pedestrian traffic without showing evident signs of wear ensures that areas remain presentable and safe for years. Additionally, granite contributes to the overall aesthetics of these spaces, creating a welcoming and professional environment.

Installation and Specific Care for Gris Perla granite


Choosing Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite for high-traffic floors is just the first step. Correct installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure that these surfaces maintain their beauty and functionality over time. In this section, we’ll address the essential aspects of the installation and care of these granites.

Installation Process of Granite in High-Traffic Floors


The installation of granite is a process that requires precision and skill. For high-traffic floors, it’s essential to ensure that the base on which the granite is installed is well-leveled and capable of supporting its weight. The use of appropriate adhesives and mortars is crucial to prevent displacements or cracks in the future. It’s also important to consider sealing the granite to protect it against stains and facilitate cleaning, a step that should be performed after installation and before use.

Tips for Maintenance and Longevity


Maintaining Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite is relatively simple but essential to preserve their appearance. For daily cleaning, it’s recommended to use a soft cloth or mop and a neutral cleaner. Avoiding the use of acidic or abrasive products is crucial to not damage the surface. Additionally, it’s advisable to apply a sealer periodically, especially in high-traffic areas, to maintain the stone’s protection.

Troubleshooting Common Problems and Repairs


Despite its durability, granite can suffer damage or wear over time, especially in areas of intense use. Common problems include stains, minor scratches, or loss of shine. Most of these issues can be solved with specific cleaning methods, polishing, or re-sealing. In cases of major damage, such as cracks or breaks, it may be necessary to replace sections of the floor, a process that should be carried out by professionals.

Sustainability and Environmental Aspects of Granite


In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of construction materials, it’s important to consider the sustainability of granite, especially when it comes to popular varieties like Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey.

Granite, being a natural material, has several aspects that make it sustainable. It does not require energy-consuming manufacturing processes like other synthetic materials, and its durability means less need for replacement and, therefore, a smaller carbon footprint over time.



After exploring in detail the characteristics, applications, and benefits of Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite, it’s clear why these materials are so valued in the world of architecture and interior design. Pearl Grey and Cadalso Grey granite stand out for their resistance, beauty, and versatility. They are ideal for high-traffic floors in public and private spaces, offering a perfect combination of functionality and style. Their ease of maintenance and long-term durability make them a smart investment for any project.

6 October, 2023 by Grupimar 0 Comments

Best types of granite for facades

When thinking about the types of granite for facades, what we really need to focus on is the type of finish.

Granite stands out as one of the most notable materials when it comes to cladding facades. Its versatility and properties have made it a highly valued choice in the construction industry.

In this article, we will address the most common questions related to the types of granite for facades. From the advantages of opting for granite as a facade material to providing essential guidelines for the appropriate selection in terms of type and finish.

In short, our goal is to provide you with profound knowledge that will allow you to make informed and professional decisions in your facade project. Discover how the types of granite for facades can transform your construction and elevate its aesthetics and durability.



Types of granite finishes for facades

The recommended types of granite finishes for facades are:

Flamed Granite

Flamed granite is achieved with a blowtorch, applying 2800°C on the stone surface. This process causes small flakes to detach, creating a rough and crystalline appearance. Besides providing more resistance, which makes it ideal for facades.

Shot-blasted Granite

In the case of shot-blasted granite, metallic particles are projected that erode the stone, resulting in a rough and anti-slip surface. This finish gives a more natural appearance to the facade.

Honed Granite

Honed granite is achieved by applying an abrasion process in polishing machines, with the aim of obtaining a surface that, although not exhibiting full shine, presents a smooth texture and a matte appearance. Besides, it allows the natural color of the granite to stand out significantly, bringing a distinctive appeal to the surface.


Regardless of the choice of granite type and finish for the facade, it is crucial to keep in mind that the thickness of the granite cladding should be over 3 cm to guarantee its durability and resistance.


Advantages of granite for facades

We know about the advantages of granite, its resistance, low porosity, and its ability to withstand the harshness of the weather, but moreover, granite is the most abundant and resistant stone on the market.

For this reason, granite has become an extremely popular choice for cladding facades, and this preference is backed by a series of solid reasons that make it an exceptional option.

Customization and Personality

The facade can become a quality decorative element without occupying hardly any space, providing elegance and architectural value.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

The price of granite is slightly higher than other materials, but considering that its maintenance is minimal and its duration infinite, it compensates. Besides, you can always reuse it.


Natural stone facades, like granite, not only enhance the property with their unparalleled quality, but also provide energy efficiency, resistance, and durability. This makes them a choice, granite is sustainable!


The market offers multiple colors of granite, influenced by the concentration of quartz, mica, and feldspar present in the stone. But no natural stone is equal to another, guaranteeing that each piece of granite will always be unique and original.


Since a facade is exposed to weather conditions throughout the year, it is essential to look for a strong material, and granite is one of the most resistant natural options. Its high resistance to wear, moisture, and discoloration ensures that the facade maintains its impeccable appearance for decades.


Granite is recognized for its timeless beauty. Its unique patterns and natural colors add a touch of elegance to any facade. From the warm tones of beige to the deep blacks, granite offers a wide range of aesthetic options to satisfy all tastes.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other materials used on facades, granite is easily maintained with minimal maintenance. Just perform periodic cleaning to preserve its shine and elegance. This makes it a practical choice for those seeking a low-maintenance solution.

Tips for choosing the right granite for facades

In the process of choosing the appropriate type of granite for the facade, making the right decision becomes a crucial factor. Below, we present some fundamental tips to guide you in this process:

Consider the architectural style

Select a type of granite that harmonizes with the style you want to achieve on the facade. For example, dark-toned granites are ideal to complement modern designs, while lighter-toned granites may be perfect for more classic styles.

Evaluate the local climate

It’s important to consider the climate conditions of the area. Some varieties of granite may be more suitable for wet or cold climates, while others are ideal in warm and sunny climates.

Define the budget

Define your budget before making a decision. Granite costs can vary significantly depending on the type and quality, therefore, it is essential to select an option that is in line with the project requirements.


Most used granites for facades

Having analyzed the reasons that make granite an outstanding choice for cladding facades, it is time to delve into the most common types of granite that we have used in our recent facade projects.

Crystal White Granite

Crystal White Granite is a high-quality granite and the whitest on the market. It is available in all finishes, with flamed and shot-blasted finishes standing out for their elegance and style.

This granite was selected to clad a 20,000 square meter facade of the Multifunctional Complex in Moscow, due to its durability, as well as its timeless appearance that never goes out of style.


Granito blanco cristal para fachada


Night Blue Granite

Night Blue Granite is a highly exclusive choice. Its distinctive feature is the blue megacrystals that reflect on its dark gray surface. Any type of finish is suitable for this granite, it does not lose sophistication in any of its forms.

For the Acton Gardens Buildings project in London, this granite was chosen due to its modern appearance, using it to cover more than 4,850 square meters of facade.


Granito Azul Noche. Fachada en Londres.


Crema Julia Granite

Crema Julia Granite is a natural stone known for its creamy hue and soft color palette. Its chromatic versatility makes it an elegant choice and easy to combine.

Thanks to its ability to withstand humid environments, this granite becomes an ideal choice for outdoor applications, especially in regions like Galicia. For this reason, it was chosen to clad the facade of the Xunta de Galicia building in Vigo.


Granito Crema Julia. Fachada Xunta de Galicia en Vigo

South African Black Granite

South African Black Granite is a natural stone of an intense gray tone, almost black. Its distinctive feature lies in the fine grains of a lighter gray that break the uniformity of its surface, highlighting its unique beauty and exoticism.

This granite was chosen to clad the 1000 meters of facade of the St. James Square Building in London, giving it a classic style but with a modern touch, thanks to its clean and refined lines.


Granito Negro Sudáfrica. Fachada St. James Square Building en Londres


Any granite can be placed on facades, but not any finish. Granite is resistant to erosion and the harshness of the weather, for a very low maintenance cost.

Granite adapts to any decorative style and never goes out of fashion. In both very hot and very cold climates, granite is a thermal insulator. If you are considering using granite for facades, you are betting on energy saving.

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Flamed granite for landscaping projects.

Flamed granite is a popular choice in landscaping projects due to its aesthetic beauty and exceptional durability. This article discusses the characteristics and benefits of this natural stone finish in outdoor space design, highlighting its resistance to adverse weather conditions and its ability to add a distinctive touch to any landscape. Additionally, the common applications of flamed granite in landscaping projects, such as pavements, walls, and decorative elements, are explored. In summary, this finish is a versatile and attractive option that can enhance the beauty and maximize the functionality of any landscaping project.

In the field of outdoor space design, the use of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials is essential to achieve a satisfactory outcome. One of the standout materials in this context is flamed granite. With its unique appearance and exceptional strength, this natural stone finish has become a popular choice in landscaping projects, offering a wide range of options to suit your project. This article seeks to explore the characteristics and advantages of this material in outdoor space design, highlighting its applicability and its ability to enhance the aesthetics and durability of any landscaping project.

Gris Cadalso at District Wharf


Characteristics and Benefits of Flamed Granite


Flamed granite is known for its rough and textured appearance, achieved through a thermal treatment technique. During this process, the surface of the granite is subjected to high temperatures and then rapidly cooled. This causes particles to break off, creating a unique and attractive texture on the material’s surface.

Detail of Flamed Gris Perla and Rosa Porriño


One of the main advantages of flamed granite is its exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions. The thermal treatment strengthens the structure of the granite, making it highly resistant to wear caused by exposure to rain, wind, solar radiation, and other environmental factors. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor areas that experience drastic temperature changes or are exposed to moisture and constant wear.


Applications of Flamed Granite in Landscaping Projects


Flamed granite is widely used in various aspects of outdoor space design. One of the most common applications is in pavements. The rough texture of flamed granite provides excellent grip and slip resistance, making it a safe and durable option for pedestrian pathways, pool areas, and terraces. Additionally, its ability to withstand temperature changes prevents the formation of cracks and ensures a long lifespan.


Rain on Flamed Gris Cadalso at Rathbone Square


Another popular application of flamed granite is in walls and decorative elements. The rough texture and color variations of the finish add visual interest to any structure, whether it’s a retaining wall, fountain, or monument. Furthermore, its resistance to the elements ensures that these decorative elements maintain their original appearance for many years.




In conclusion, flamed granite is a highly recommended choice in landscaping projects due to its unique appearance and exceptional durability, which clearly contribute to the sustainability of the work. The textured and rough characteristics of flamed granite not only add a distinctive touch to any outdoor space but also enhance safety and wear resistance. Its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and temperature changes makes it an ideal material for pavements, walls, and decorative elements in landscaping projects.

When considering outdoor space design, it is important to take into account the quality and durability of the materials used. Flamed granite offers an aesthetic and functional solution, ensuring long-term beauty and optimal performance in any landscaping project.

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What are the different uses of granite?

The different ways in how granite can be used

Many civilizations throughout history, due to its beauty and abundance, have used granite for their constructions, such as columns, doors, vases, statues, and more granite works. Moving on from the past, in this blog, we will talk about the main uses of granite in the present. Nowadays, with the equipment we have at our disposal, its aesthetic characteristics, and its hardness and resistance, working with granite is very common.

One of the most important uses of granite is in architecture. Its low cost, its properties, and its appearance have made it the choice of many architects and artists. It is used for many works, from monuments to large constructions (such as water reservoirs), bridges, and pavements. A further use of granite is for indoor applications. Its durability and elegance are why it is one of the most popular materials for decorating homes and buildings. In this context, its applications are diverse, although we could say that it is the lord and master of bathrooms and kitchens.

The granite also has its role in funerary art. As we have already said, granite is a resistant and elegant material. Both these characteristics, added to the fact that granite is very resistant to acid rain, make it the perfect choice for elaborating tombstones, mausoleums, altars, etc.

To conclude, we will mention its relevance in the pulp and paper industry and how it is used in the field of aggregates. On the one hand, granite is the input material used to manufacture the paper pulp rolls used for grinding and draining water from the paper pulp. On the other hand, granite is also crushed to produce material for concrete, mortar, roads, rock fill, and railway gravel, among others.


That’s the end of today’s blog! If you have any questions or something you missed and want to share, we will read you in the comments.


18 October, 2022 by Marketing Grupimar 0 Comments

Marcelino Group in Marmomac 2022

This is how our visit to the new edition of Marmomac went.

One more year, it took place the world’s most iconic natural stone fair: Marmomac. Therefore, Marcelino Group flew to Verona once again, where all companies in the stone sector come together to understand the evolution and observe the most up-to-date trends in their environment.

stand de Grupimar en Marmomac

Last year the fair presented a dual-modality, this one was no different. On the one hand, the classic on-site format that we all know, and on the other hand, Marmomac, the online version of Marmomac where companies have the opportunity to share their products all year round.

Marmomac PLUS is not just a granite, marble, and other natural stone products showcase, but also machinery and different technologies for stone, chemicals, and abrasives. In other words, Marmomac PLUS, opens up a virtual hub for companies that allows us to cover the entire value chain, the whole process from the quarry to the finished product.

In this edition, we have been able to see different and new designs, textures, shapes, and coatings. Although it is a very traditional industry, creativity and innovation are a pleasant surprise this year at Marmomac!

Every year, we travel to Verona with the illusion of seeing our friends in the sector at Marmomac where, in addition to presenting our products or expanding our customer portfolio, we have also considered that it is a great opportunity to see our buyers, building links and consolidate relationships with them.

One of the most remarkable details from this edition of Marmomac comes from one of those customers that we consider a good friend. Talking among ourselves, he recognizes that one of the main reasons for attending the fair in this edition was to be able to share a moment with us, a moment that, otherwise, would be very difficult, if not impossible, because we live in different countries.

Closing this blog on an emotional note, at Marmomac there is always a lot of stone, but we have melted it with a lot of smiles and the joy of getting back together after a couple of difficult years.

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Quarries Restoration

Quarry restoration is the last stage in the process of exploiting the planet’s natural resources, which consists of rehabilitating the exploited areas in order to minimize the footprint on the environment.

There are very strict regulations on the effects generated by the extraction process (the composition of liquid discharges, dust emissions, noise or restructuring of the landscape…); for which you must have an environmental impact study and a waste management plan.

Our quarries, our commitment

One of our commitments is to take care of the environment; our quarries always comply with current environmental protection regulations. This assesses the effects generated in the environment and the corrective measures to be carried out to maintain the landscape and ecological values of the area. At the end of the operation, all the land is restored to its original appearance.

Quarry restoration process

Legislation in Spain

Since the Mining Law of 1973 and up to the present day, the operator of the site has been held liable if any damage is caused in the process.

In the years since 1973, further improvements have been made through legislation to protect the environment and economic development.

Broadly speaking, what has been implemented?

  • A Restructuring Plan must be submitted that guarantees and commits to the rehabilitation of the space used.
  • Obliges the restoration of the affected land
  • It regulates the deposit of guarantees in order to be able to face the restoration work.
  • It is essential to manage all the waste generated so that resources are not wasted.

At Marcelino Group, we promote the conservation of the natural environment, and we have established methodologies and systematics for the extraction and transformation of our granite.

What do you think? If you have any questions, we’ll read them in the comments. Check out our last post here.

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The low carbon footprint of granite compared to other materials according to the EPD

In the past, construction materials were obtained naturally, from the environment itself and adapted to the conditions in which the project was carried out. However, as time went by, the demand increased, thus increasing the distance between the sourcing of raw materials and their final location. Today, the construction industry aims to use low environmental impact materials to reduce the carbon footprint. Glass and steel are materials with the highest environmental impact, however, granite is one of the most sustainable materials according to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

Why is granite the most eco-friendly choice for the planet?

Since the 1970s, our granite comes from blocks that have been sawn with a diamond wire; it is a machine designed to produce slabs and tiles of variable thickness from granite blocks. In order to use this machine, it is essential to use water, the good news is that it is in a closed circuit so that it is not wasted. This technology stands out for its energy efficiency, as its effective consumption is lower compared to other methods.

Another important element: the rubble generated

All the tailings or rubble generated in the production of granite blocks are recycled and transformed into aggregates of different granulometry, which are then supplied to concrete plants, terrazzo factories, construction material warehouses, etc. for their full use.

Finally: granite in homes

Houses in which granite is used as the main material are more sustainable. This material offers better insulation than others (thus obtaining greater energy savings in housing resources). It should also be noted that it is one of the most resistant to weather changes (it is more durable over time), adapting to the urban or rural environment, unlike other materials such as wood or aluminium.

What did you think of the article? If you want to know more about granite and sustainability, don’t hesitate to ask us.

The granite to build your home

Sustainable housing using granite is increasingly valued for its qualities compared to conventional housing. The use of granite in its cladding is one of the most efficient options, both technically and aesthetically, as it has outstanding properties such as: durability, strength, easy maintenance, among many others.

Aesthetic richness of granite

From an aesthetic point of view, granite is one of the most outstanding materials when it comes to achieving a differential and elegant façade. At Marcelino Group we work with a wide variety of granites of different shades and textures, achieving the expected results.


From its production, the manufacture of granite involves reduced energy consumption compared to other types of materials. At Marcelino Group, in addition to the closed water circuits for cutting, all the waste or rubble generated from production is transformed into aggregates.




In the long term, granite has practically minimal wear and tear, and is resistant to all types of weather and temperature. According to the Mohs scale (used to determine the durability of various materials) its hardness is between 6 and 7.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, made of granite and has been standing since construction began in 1075.

Why choose granite for your home?

In addition to all its aesthetic qualities and the fact that it is highly durable, granite has surprising insulating properties, which will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

It is the perfect material to withstand the high summer temperatures and keep any home cool without the need for air conditioning, which translates into savings of both resources and money in the medium and long term. For all these reasons, choosing granite to build your home is a safe bet due to its versatility and sophistication.

If you are thinking of building your home with one of our granites, contact us, and we will advise you.

Decorative and modern granite staircases

Granite stairs are an aesthetically pleasing and resistant decorative element. As we have already mentioned in other blog articles, granite is a natural stone that has excellent qualities for its use in construction due to its high resistance, long durability, and easy maintenance. But, it is also a very versatile material that offers varied and elegant decorative possibilities.

Stairs have always played an important role in construction. On one hand, the functionality to communicate areas at different heights, but also, as a decorative and ornamental element, gives rise to increasingly original and modern decorative forms, which can be combined or contrasted with other construction elements such as walls or floors.

Advantages of using granite on stairs

If you are looking for a material that is always on trend and never goes out of fashion for stairs construction or cladding, then granite is your best choice. From classic and elegant designs to different styles adapted to the latest trends, the environment, or the constructive characteristics where it is located.

Granite staircases come in a wide variety of shapes, adaptable to any design you propose. From straight to curved staircases, including spiral ones. All of them with different finishes and shapes, depending on whether we are looking for a traditional, minimalist, modern, or sophisticated style. 

Escaleras de granito Azul Noche pulido. Edificio de oficinas.

Azul Noche polished granite stairs. Office building.

Besides, you can also choose between different granite textures. Each of them brings a unique and personalized beauty.

Another decorative element that can be played with is the handrail. If the stairs are supported by banisters and handrails, the weight is divided and the centimetres of the steps can be smaller. However, if the stairs only consist of steps, they should have more centimetres.  

Granite stairs for outdoors and indoors

Due to its resistance and water insulation, granite is the preferred choice for outdoor stairs. Usually, the granite finishes chosen for outdoor stairs are flamed or shot-blasting, with some roughness to avoid slipping.

However, granite is increasingly used in architecture and has a growing presence in interior decoration.

Escaleras de granito Azul Noche flameado.- Estación Central de Utrecht (NL)

Azul Noche flamed granite stairs. Utrecht Central Station (NL)

Thanks to the wide chromatic variety of granites in our catalogue, you will achieve the personality and the essence you want to give to your project. Whatever your construction needs are, you will be able to create modern and contemporary granite staircases in any design.

Its easy maintenance and long durability make granite a safe and long-lasting bet over time.

Granite, elegance and timeless beauty for indoor spaces

The timeless beauty of granite lends interior floors and worktops a contemporary elegance and style. Its inherent strength and ageing resistance, make this natural stone a very practical and cost-effective decorative choice. In this article, we tell you why granite is one of the most widely used materials in interior decoration

Main advantages of using granite in interiors

  •     Unique beauty and timeless design. Granite is a material that never gets old. In addition, as it is a natural stone, each slab has a singular beauty that makes it unique. The multiple possibilities of its chromatic variety, together with the variety of finishes available, offers great versatility in decoration, much appreciated by builders, architects and interior designers. No two pieces are the same, so each room has its own exclusive personality.
  •   Highly resistant. It is a very hard and resistant stone, so it can be used in interior and exterior flooring for high traffic areas. It also offers excellent technical properties as wall claddings or for use as countertop, table or fireplace, with excellent resistant to stains, scratches, knocks and high temperatures.
  •       Easy cleaning and maintenance. Granite presents a great natural barrier against moisture and stains. Cleaning the granite surface will be a quick and easy task. All you need is a little soap and warm water.
  •     Natural and sustainable. Granite is a long-lasting material. Because it is a natural stone it can be reused in a finite way. Moreover, in our production plants the rubble generated is recycled and transformed into aggregates that are used in the construction sector.

Examples of granite applications in interior uses

Interior decoration in luxury housing in Lynn (Boston)

For the interior decoration of this luxury housing complex in the City of Lynn, near Boston, the beauty of Azul Platino granite was chosen. Its bluish sparkle with small silver and black hints provide distinction and class in all finishes and applications: countertops, bathrooms, etc., creating spaces full of elegance.

Granite for indoor Granito AZUL Platino

Gris Perla granite in State Hospital Merkez Efendi

Trends in decoration are going for colours that evoke nature, as Gris Perla granite, a stone that makes the most of natural light in staircases and interior floors.

Gris perla granite Granite for indoor spaces

Rosa Porriño is another of the most appreciated granites in the interiors of airports and public buildings. In the image, a sample of the elegance of this natural stone at El Prat Airport.

Granito Rosa Porrino

Bathroom decoration with  granite.

Resistant and compact in its morphology, its tones transmit a warm and striking beauty that will not leave anyone indifferent. Ideal for interior design where innovation is desired, but at the same time creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the brightness of the room.

Granito Rosa Villar en decoración de baño

Another proof that granite is a material that adapts to all kinds of styles and always adds a distinguished and elegant touch. In the image a sample of the perfect combination of Blue Pearl and Blue Pearl Royal.

granite for indoor uses granite for indoors

Interior cladding (One Beacon Street, Boston)

The texture of Night Blue granite with its bluish megacrystals embellishes the entrance areas in this modern Boston skyscraper.



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Types of granites for facades

When we think about the types of granite for facades, what we really have to focus on is in the type of finish.

A well-designed facade is the letter of introduction of what we will find inside. Granite in facades, revalues the property in the market.


Types of granite finishes for facades

The recommended types of granite finishes for facades are:

  • Flamed granite: This is achieved with a blowtorch, applying 2800 °C on the surface of the stone, which produces a few chips and gives the surface a rough and crystalline appearance, as well as providing it with more resistance.
  • Shot-blasted granite: To achieve this result, metallic particles are projected which erode the stone, resulting in a rough, non-slip surface with a more natural appearance.
  • Bush-hammered granite: By carving the stone, that is, by hitting it with a hammer that generates craters in the stone between 1 and 3 mm deep, we achieve the rough appearance of this type of granite finish.

Another recommendation to take into account is that the thickness of the granite cladding should be greater than 3 cm.


Azul Noche Granite Facade. London – U.K.

Azul Noche Granite Facade. London – U.K.


Advantages of granite in facades

We know about the advantages of granite, its resistance, low porosity and its ability to withstand inclement weather, but granite is also the most abundant and resistant natural stone on the market.

Other advantages offered by the use of granite in facades are:

  • Personalization and personality: Your facade can become a quality decorative element without taking up much space, giving it elegance and architectural value.
  • Cost-benefit ratio: OK, the price of granite is slightly higher than other materials (really, just a little) but, considering that its maintenance is minimal and its durability infinite, it is more than worth it. Besides, you can always reuse it.
  • Revaluation: Did you know that granite increases the value of your home? Natural stone cladding increases the value of the property: luxury and quality stand out, but also its energy efficiency, resistance and durability: so, granite is sustainable.
  • Variety: We can find multiple colours of granite, this depends on the concentration of quartz, mica and feldspar present in the stone. But no natural stone is the same as any other, so your choice of granite will always be unique and original.
Blanco Cristal Granite Facade.

Blanco Cristal Granite Facade


  • Any granite can be used for facades, but not just any finish.
  • Granite is resistant to erosion and weathering, for a very low maintenance cost.
  • Granite adapts to any decorative style and never goes out of fashion.
  • In both very hot and very cold climates, granite is a thermal insulator, so if you are considering using granite for facades, you are betting on energy savings.

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Our stones catalogue. More than 20 granites

Beyond the traditional whites and greys, our granites catalogue presents a rich and wide variety of colours, offering infinite possibilities of applications, both indoor and in the most demanding outdoor spaces. And all of them with multiple finishes: polished, leathered, honed, bush-hammered, flamed, sawn, shot-blasting or water jet.

Sourced from our granite quarries along Spain, Portugal and Venezuela, our granites catalogue is a chromatic journey from the purity of whites and greys to the elegance and intensity of blues and blacks.

  • Grey granites: Always timeless and with the perfect harmony between classic and avant-garde. Gris Perla and Gris Cadalso granites are two of the most demanded options for exteriors, enhancing all architectural elements.
  • Pink granites: With soft and natural tones, the native granite Rosa Porriño, from our quarry in Galicia, and Rosa Villar, from our quarry in Badajoz, creates very peaceful atmospheres in any of their indoor and outdoor applications.
  • White and cream granites: Our Blanco Cristal, Oro Cristal and Crema Julia granites are the favourite options for creating luminous atmospheres where the aim is to generate spaciousness. Also, they allow an easy combination with other colour varieties.
  • Blue granites: In this range we can find one of the most demanded granite due to the exclusivity of this material: Azul Noche granite. This chromatic variety is completed by Azul Plata, Azul Platino, and Negro Tezal, which provide different sparkles in blue, black and silver tones, bringing shine and elegance to any decorative element.
  • Golden and Red granites: Shades that evoke the earth and bring warmth to any ambiance. From the luxurious Aruba Gold with its elegant golden veins, to the vibrant and energetic Rojo Caribe and Multicolor Bolívar without forgetting the versatility of our Gran Paradiso. All of them are from our quarries in Venezuela.

All these materials are complete with other varieties: green, yellow, black and multicoloured. You can discover all the features in our granite catalogue on the web.

Granites from our own quarries

Since Marcelino Group started the extraction of Rosa Porriño granite in Porriño (Galicia) in the 60s, and with the incorporation of new diamond cutting techniques in the 70s, we have added new quarries that provide us with the current range of our own granites.

So, having this complete variety of stones allows us to enjoy a luxury of aesthetic possibilities. A differential value, to which we add that most of our granites come from our own quarries, which allows us to offer competitive advantages in any construction project.

  • Cost savings. Both in the cost of the raw material (as we do not have to buy the granite from other quarries), and in the cost of transporting this granite from the quarries to the production plants.
  • Tight delivery times. Having our own quarries allows us to ensure the supply of the stone and its quick delivery, guaranteeing that even works that require a lot of granite, can have this material with total peace of mind.

We invite you to discover the careful selection of our granite catalogue. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Granite: a safe bet for your renovation

As we pointed out in our article on trends in architecture and construction for 2022, many homeowners are considering different renovation actions in order to meet the great challenges of construction: comfort, habitability, accesibility and energy efficiency. In this article, we tell you why granite is a safe bet for your renovation plans.

Advantages of granite in renovation

Granite stands out for its high abrasion resistance and flexural strength, characteristics that make it ideal for withstanding sudden changes in temperature, as well as road and pedestrian traffic.  Since it is an impermeable rock, it is excellent for constructions in contact with water.

Its use is highly appreciated by builders in kitchen and bathroom countertops and floors, in tile format for interiors and exteriors and also in street furniture applications or as paving stones or kerbstones in transit areas: squares, pavements or building accesses.

Providing a home with better levels of energy efficiency is one of the main challenges of any refurbishment. Granite, thanks to its exceptional thermal insulation, protects the home from low temperatures and keeps the interior temperature more stable.

When a renovation is chosen instead of a new building, it is often due to a question of economic costs. Due to its durability, granite offers a magnificent quality-price ratio and also allows the initial investment to be amortized in a short period of time, as the house is revalued.

When it comes to renovation, another important criterion is to opt for materials that adapt well to any aesthetic decoration. The versatility of granite, thanks to its different finishes and chromatic variety, makes it possible to offer all kinds of elegant and long-lasting combinations. Also, if the original building was built in stone, we can take advantage of the existing structures, adding a little more material, which will allow great cost savings.

Finally, the choice of granite allows a better integration with the landscape, respecting the environment or the constructive characteristics of the area.

In summary, the most significant advantages of granite applied to renovations are due to its outstanding physical properties:

  • It increases the value of the property as it is a noble piece.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Difficult to scratch and stain
  • High resistance
  • It has an eternal lifespan
  • Each piece has a unique beauty. No two pieces of granite are alike.
  • Allows tailored pieces to be made
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Excellent value for money compared to other materials with a much shorter lifespan.
  • Landscape integration.

If you are planning a renovation or rehabilitation, contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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Granite, elegance and durability in outdoor paving

The resistance, elegance, and durability of granite make it a perfect material for all types of exterior paving.

From an aesthetic point of view, granite is also a very versatile natural stone that allows the creation of the most diverse decorative styles.

Recommended granite finishes for exterior surfaces

When choosing which type of granite is the most suitable for exterior cladding, it is important to pay attention to the finishes. In addition to durability, it is essential that the surface is non-slip and resistant to the weather condition, such as sun, rain or low temperatures.

One of the most popular finishes for this type of surfaces is the flamed finish, which gives the surface a rough appearance without altering its colour. This type of finish is easy to maintain and prevents slipping in rain or humidity.

Other finishing options that perform excellently outdoors are sawn and bush-hammered. With the former, a flat surface with a certain roughness and fine texture is achieved. In bush-hammered, the treated surface presents small “craters” or irregularities 1 to 3 millimetres deep to achieve a rough appearance.

Wide range of colours to create warm and luminous atmospheres

In addition to the type of finish, the origin and colour of the granite are characteristics that also influence the durability and resistance of exterior surfaces.

Dark tones such as Azul Noche or Azul Plata offer excellent qualities of impermeability and resistance outdoors, as well as high anti-slip protection.

However, by applying the most suitable finish for each space, we can create all kinds of atmospheres in white, grey, cream, pink, green or black colours.

In our catalogue you will find the perfect inspiration for every atmosphere.

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What does 2022 bring us in architecture and construction?

We are on the threshold of the year 2022 and it is a good time to take a brief look at some of the trends in architecture and construction that will mark the coming year.


More sustainable buildings


There is a growing concern for the preservation of the environment, which translates into a growing demand for more efficient buildings and transformation processes that are more committed to sustainable development.  Saving resources, replacing the most energy-consuming processes with more efficient ones and reducing the environmental footprint are the challenges we face and a priority objective at Marcelino Group.


Refurbishment and renovation


Related to the previous point, old buildings have shown their great deficiencies in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and accessibility. This implies the need for many owners to adapt their properties to current requirements and needs.

Among other actions, it will be necessary to opt for materials that help to improve thermal insulation and contribute to better energy efficiency, as well as the integration of renewable energies in the home.

But new construction is not lagging behind and it is increasingly important to build to the most demanding standards of the Technical Building Code or Passivhaus.


Brighter, more functional and better insulated homes


Mobility restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the concept of housing. With remote working and spending more time at home, larger and more functional spaces are sought after. Also, while the open concept has been on the rise in recent years, it is now gaining momentum. The aim is to gain more amplitude between spaces and use them for different functions: work and family environment.

Acoustic insulation is another of the problems that confinement has brought to light. Having materials that provide good acoustic conditioning, together with thermal insulation, are priorities nowadays, in order to avoid noise from adjoining dwellings or from outside.

Minimalist and natural decoration


A practical and simple style of decoration is sought, capable of adapting to all types of environments. We opt for materials that evoke nature and that help to take advantage of natural light.

Light tones such as Blanco Cristal or Gris Perla never go out of fashion, combined with darker tones to create a cosy atmosphere. For those looking for more intensity, Azul Noche stands out for its sophistication and elegance.

What do you think of the construction trends that will be the stars of 2022? Would you add any more? We’ll read you in the comments!


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Granite solutions for greater energy efficiency

We are aware of the importance of constructing buildings that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Did you know that granite is considered one of the most efficient natural cladding materials in any architectural project? This natural stone has lots of advantages for sustainable construction. Read on to find out more in this article!

Among other qualities, granite has excellent thermal and humidity insulation properties, maintaining interior temperature, improving comfort and reducing energy consumption, especially when used outdoors as façade cladding.

Use of the granite in façade cladding

Granite is used in numerous construction projects. The façade cladding must guarantee three fundamental aspects:

  1. The maximum comfort of people.
  2. Resistance of the building to climate changes
  3. Energy saving

The insulation offered by granite in construction guarantees greater comfort inside the home and a saving in energy consumption, i.e., a reduction in heating and air conditioning costs. In addition, a building with a weather-resistant façade is much more durable and stable over time.

From a decorative point of view, granite offers outstanding performance when it comes to creating a customized façade. This material has a very wide chromatic diversity and countless options for adapting to different shapes and to other materials

Furthermore, far from being an old-fashioned building material, as a decorative resource granite can give a building a modern, sophisticated image that is excellently suited to the urban environment.

Projects in granite façades cladding

One of the most outstanding projects in the application of granite in façades is this building located in St. James Square, in the City of Westminster.

Fachada de granito en Edificio en St. James Square, Ciudad de Westminster

St. James Square building, City of Westminster

Granite plays a decisive role in the exterior of this residential and commercial building due to the excellent technical performance, described above, and its serene beauty that remains unchanged over time.

Fachada de granito en un complejo privado en Moscú

Façade in private complex in Moscow

It is also a material that gives an excellent response to today’s building requirements, both in terms of energetic efficiency and the avant-garde touch it brings to urban constructions and its easy combination with other materials, as you can see in this private complex in the city of Moscow.

Fachada de granito de los Edificios de la Xunta en Vigo

Xunta de Galicia office building in the City of Vigo

In the case of public buildings, such as this one of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, its low maintenance cost and the luminosity it brings to the façade are two of the numerous reasons why granite is the material of choice  in this type of constructions

What do you think? We would love to hear your doubts, suggestions and questions!

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Granite transformation process: cutting and polishing

Before shaping countertops, stairs or pavers, granite must go through a transformation process, in which quality control is present at each and every stage. In this article, we invite you to learn step by step about the granite transformation process, paying special attention to the cutting and polishing phases.

The extraction of granite from our quarries

Most of the granite we commercialize at Grupimar are extracted from our quarries in Spain, Portugal and Venezuela. This extraction is made by cutting the granite with diamond wire or disc cutters.

Both its extraction and final finishes, it’s essential to be carried out with cutting tools, suitable for the precision and quality that a stone of great value, such as granite, needs. For this reason, at Grupimar we invest in incorporating the latest technological advances in every phase of the granite transformation process.

Some of the granite marketed is in block form. Those that have passed the quality controls are sent to the sawing process. On the other hand, those that are fractured are usually destined for the production of other smaller products such as kerbstones, perpiaños or paving stones.

Granite transformation process: cutting

In order to make the best use of the material, it is essential to calculate precisely which size is the most suitable  before cutting.

Traditionally,  the granite blocks were fed into the looms. Nowadays, with the latest innovations, they are used with wire-cutting machines, capable of making much more precise cuts and customising them according to our customers’ requirements.

The pieces that come out of this phase of transformation usually have a natural finish, but a little rough. Although it is sometimes marketed as a final finish, it is more usual to apply other treatments depending on the final use that the client wishes to give to the granite slab.

Bloques de granito después de su proceso de transformación

Granite transformation process: polishing

One of the most frequent finishes is polishing. Using polishers and diamond sandpaper, a perfect finish is achieved. The result is a smooth, shiny surface, which brings out the natural shine and colour of the stone.

For outdoor use, a flamed treatment is usually applied, which gives the granite a rough and vitreous appearance and is anti-slip.

Among other possible finishes, some of the most outstanding ones are the following.

– Bush Hammered. This is obtained by striking the stone with the bush hammer, a steel hammer with serrated teeth. It is also known as carving.

– Honing. This is achieved by applying an abrasion process in polishing machines, without achieving a total polishing effect.

– Sawing. The granite is cut with a steel strip or diamond disc until a flat surface with a certain roughness is achieved.

– Shot blasting. This finish is achieved by projecting stainless steel shot on the surface of the granite. Depending on the pressure applied, a finer or coarser finish is achieved. The surface has a uniform appearance with slight peaks and valleys.

Once the polishing process is finished and after applying the corresponding treatment, the granite pieces are classified according to the type of finish and material.

Finally, they are packaged for subsequent marketing.

Did you like the post? Do you need advice to choose which type of granite is best suited to your construction project? Contact us or leave us a comment, we are looking forward to reading you!

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Marcelino Group in Marmomac 2021

This is how our visit to the most important natural stone fair went


Marmomac, the benchmark trade fair for the stone industry, has returned to its on-site format and we could not miss this important international event.  It brings together the world’s main natural stone producing countries to showcase their products, but also to find the latest innovations and advances in machinery and technology for stone.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s edition has combined the on-site format (called MARMOMAC) with the virtual format (MARMOMAC PLUS), a digital portal for the exhibition and search of producers and business contacts.

As it has been usual for more than 50 years, the on-site edition was held at the Verona exhibition centre (Italy) and confirmed the high level of internationality of the event.

According to Focus Piedra magazine, 45% of the 756 exhibiting companies came from outside the European Union, totalling 329 companies from 39 different countries. In particular, 80 companies have travelled from Turkey, 15 from Brazil, 11 from Egypt and 6 from Iran. These figures are also supported by numerous international delegations of buyers, architects and importers of slabs and technologies from the United States, Canada, Russia and the Maghreb (Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia), crucial areas for the development of exclusive and luxury projects.

It has been a very satisfactory experience in terms of business opportunities, as we cannot forget that the building materials sector is being affected by a crisis in the logistics sector.

Marcelino Group en Marmomac

Changes in consumer behaviour and global logistics crisis


Consumer habits have changed, online shopping and the demand for cargo space have skyrocketed. This has led to a peak in demand for products manufactured in China which, together with the reduction of personnel at ports, has led to an increase in logistics prices.

Thus, the costs of shipping a product to Europe from Asia are 10 times higher than in May 2020. In the construction sector in particular, there has been an average cost increase of 22.2%, which has led to numerous cancellations or stoppages of construction work.

After our experience at the fair and discussions with our customers, we wondered whether we should not create synergies and act together to try to change the length of the supply chain, promoting more local manufacturing, within the EU, to help reverse this logistics crisis and improve the European economy.

Despite the economic effort required to attend this fair with our own stand, at Marcelino Group we continue to invest in this type of event in order to consolidate the company’s image abroad, analyse what the competition is doing, promote our products and innovations and consolidate relations with new and existing customers.

Marcelino Group in Marmomac

From our time at Marmomac, we would like to highlight the joy that could be seen in both exhibitors and visitors.  We met again at an event, strengthening ties with partners, customers and suppliers in a warmer way than by sending emails or video calls.  We enjoyed every visit to our stand and the impressions we received from our catalogue of works and products.

Thank you Marmomac and see you in 2022!

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Reasons why granite is the best choice for your building project

Appreciated by designers, architects and constructors, granite is a natural stone widely used in all kinds of construction projects both in interiors (bathrooms, countertops, kitchens, livingrooms…) and outdoors (facades, paving, swimming pools, public squares…). In this article we tell you why granite is still the best choice for your project.

Resistance and durability

Granite is one of the most heat and moisture resistant materials. Alos, thanks to its hardness, it does not scratch easily and remains unalterable for decades. This durability and resistance features makes granit the favourite option of the consumers for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Granite is a natural stone that provides very effective thermal insulation, both against cold and to prevent overheating, which leads to an increased energy savings. Further,  it offers better performance in the event of sudden changes in temperature, preventing the appearance of dampness. One the other hand it also helps to insulate the home from outside noises.

Natural y sustainable

Granite is a natural material with a different formation process than other materials. There are no pieces exactly alike and that makes it unique.

Furthermore, this stone offers a longer life cycle. For its transformation it uses less energy than other materials and does not need chemicals. The result is a more natural product.

At Marcelino group we have a very strong commitment with the environment. Every rubble generated in the production of granite blocks are recycled and transformed into sandstone of different grain size. Later on these sandstones are supplied to concrete plants, terrazo factories, construction materials warehouses, etc., for their use.

Beauty and multiple finishes

Every granite piece has its own unique beauty and elegance. Surface finishes provide a wide aesthetic variety and decorative uses, creating sophisticated and stylish designs.

In our catalogue you will find a great granite range with multiple colors, textures and finishes coming from our quarries in Spain, Portugal and Venezuela. From classic tones like black, grey or white, to vibrating blue and green, going through warm earth red and yellow colours. Also you will find different textures: polished granite, aged, sawn, bush-hammered, etc. Whatever you need for your decoration we have the best option for you

A profitable investment

Thanks to its versatility, investing in granite is always a very profitable option. Granite tiles can be adapted to all type of formats, adapting to the construction requirements of each type of project. In addition, they are quick and easy to install.

Choosing granite is betting on quality and profitability. Like a work of art, granite gives elegance and sophistication that is hard to equal for other materials. Those who have tried it say that it is the best investment and that any construction is revalued.

A timeless and avant-garde material

Granite never goes out of fashion. Choosing granite for your construction is choosing a material that will keep its incredibles characteristics for a long time. Plus, new surface finishes allow granite to be adapted into contemporary designs.

Do you need more reasons to convince yourself that granite is your best choice? Write us or call us! We will help and support you in the entire construction project!